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About Disaster and Risk Associates

Our Message:    STOP!    PLAN!    PREPARE!   "Inspiring Change Together"

“It’ll never happen to me” ~ Sound Familiar?

When IT happens and disaster strikes, people are mentally, physically and emotionally devastated, communities are destroyed and lives are lost. The recovery may take years, due to red tape, redundancy of forms, lost paperwork. Ineffective communication and lack of effective outreach.

We discovered an innovative alternative to the current disaster plan, by bringing together  One Person, Business, and Community, pooling together our time, talents and resources, providing a direct service to individuals, businesses and communities to be more resilient in the event of natural and man-made disasters. Community/County/State engagement towards individual recovery and social/economic development.

DARA’s mission is to engage, educate and empower Individuals, Businesses and Communities to come together BEFORE disaster strikes and be prepared so we can minimize losses, reduce recovery time, eliminate chaos, and reduce risk.

"Inspiring Change Together"