Personal Recovery

Personal Disaster Recovery

We know that the road to recovery can be a hard one and the longer it lasts, the harder it seems. Our goal is to reduce your recovery time by using our expertise to help you navigate the process.  Our dedicated group of professionals collaborates on all projects utilizing our resources, networking capabilities, and years of experience to provide successful solutions in the event of a potential or real disaster.

There are actions that need to be performed before, during and after a disaster that are specific to each disaster. We provide the following services and solutions to walk you through disaster preparedness step by step:

  • Disaster and risk presentations
  • Assessment, development and implementation of emergency plans
  • Assessment of a business’ ability to mitigate risks
  • Mediation, negotiation and provision of resources for recovery
  • Guidance through emergency preparedness
  • Custom training on emergency preparedness, OSHA compliance and safety

Disasters, whether man-made or natural, come with a heavy price tag.  In a flash, you could lose everything…life, money, resources…! The emotional, spiritual and physical devastation is humbling and numbing, often leaving you feeling isolated and risk exposed.

Call us to help you put a plan in place to get your life back!